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You may be required to go through a passport process in order to get a US passport. Once the process has completed, the United States Department of State issues the individual with a document which certifies the Bend native’s nationality and born in the United States. A US passport is also required in order to re-enter the United States. By golly, this is not a very long list!

Let us begin with the most basic question. “Do I require a passport to enter Canada?”

The answer is yes, unless you intend to cross the border to Mexico, Guatemala or Alaska. However, it is always recommended that you obtain a passport even if you intend to visit these locations. We recommend that you always go through the process of obtaining a passport even if you are going to visit these locations.

The City of Vancouver has the highest concentration of Passport Acceptance Facility in the entire United States. The processing time for a new passport or renewals can take up to eight weeks. Even though you will wait in line to return your document at the City of Vancouver you can still use crucial services like online passport appointment services to expedite the process.

If you are one of those people who are required to go through the passport process but do not have the necessary documents to obtain one, Canada is a great place to visit. All that it requires is a passport and birth certificate. If you have them all you can return to the United States as soon as your tourist visa expires.

You can renew your passport as frequently as you wish. The significant difference between a passport and a visas application is that a passport has to be used in person. You can apply online and request an application be put in your mail box, but there is a fee for this service. It has to be done in a timely manner, so you need to apply as soon as possible.

One passport agency is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Another is in New York, New York. You can choose which agency you trust best. They each charge different fees so you need to decide which one offers you the best value for your money. They are easy to locate and both have great customer service and are required to follow government guidelines for you to get your passport in time for your planned trip.

If you are one of those people who need a passport desperately, one good option is to use the services of a third party passport expediting service. These services, like getting your passport within the week, are available on a dollars for fees basis. This means that the more hours you spend in their office, the more likely that your vacation will be on time.

The U.S. Department of State has an expedited passport application process that costs less than $60. This application is usually processed and returned to you within a week. In addition to this, you can purchase a third party passport card, good for five years, that costs less than $30. In simple terms, you are getting a great deal on a passport.

When you apply in person, you can bring your own either new or certified birth certificate, photocopy of your photo ID card or your marriage certificate. If you can afford to do the paperwork yourself, this is a good idea, as there is a lot to do and you want to be sure that everything gets done right.  For example I work for a commercial structural repairs Woodland CA company and in Woodland, CA you need 3 copies of ID.

Be sure to passport photos are of high-quality. Even though you can purchase other photos from a hostel or store, some of the shots you take won’t be accepted by the passport office, so you might want to buy a cards from an agency or catalog. Passport offices will only accept felton-colored cloths with a silver or gold frame.

The fees for a passport application are dependent on whether you apply in person or by mail. By applying in person, you are required to submit the application form, two or three recent passport photos, the fee plus the cost of the secure envelope. Typically, applications are processed between eight to twelve weeks. If you have to expedite an application and pay additional, that fee will increase.

However, if you don’t mail the application with your application, you can still obtain a passport quickly. You can request expedited service from the passport office by phoning 1-877-487-2778. You must also make an appointment, so you can go ahead and apply even if you don’t have a chance to come in person.

Once you are on your trip, you can always fall back on the convenient passport office to get you on the travel map. But it’s a good idea to get yourself some help getting your passport. You certainly don’t want to be out of the country on holiday and not have a passport, would you?

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