What to do in Florida?

a trip to Florida


There is so much to do in Florida from the time you step off your plane until you return home. Here is a little help providing the details.

First, realize that this is a holiday. Vacations are for finding out what you can and cannot miss during your trip. They are to to take in new and interesting destinations and to practice yourself on new activities. Your itinerary should be flexible. However, if you are unable to be flexible, try to stick to your normal routine. Most hotels have unusual hours that can easily be accessed. Call or check with your hotel in question to make sure that they have the information you need. Most Florida attractions and accommodations have hours that can be easily accessed.

If you are traveling with small children, keep a recent, color picture of them with you at all times, just case they become lost. Also make sure that you know where the kid friendly zones in the area are.

Do not give out your home address to strangers or people you don’t know. If you are not comfortable with strangers in your home, do not invite them over. The people that you do invite over should be family or friends that you trust.

Information on the wild can be found on the city’s Canine Good Neighbor website. This can be found at most city websites locally. Check the website out for the latest safety regulations. Wild animals in Florida are confined and must be leashed when outdoors. There are also several state parks that you can visit.

The state of Florida is chock full of exciting attractions. Visit the state’s capitol or see the Kennedy Space Center. Take a watch or even a guided tour of either Space Center. Have the time of your life while you are there!

For those interested in the paranormal, Eyewitness Travel By Blood offers television quality ghost tours in different locations everyday. They have customers all over the country and the globe.

For those who want to step back in time, there are pastimes such as carrying on a one-acre Halloween parade, where you can actually see people in period costumes marching in a formation. If you want to forget the plot of Halloween, be aware that 1880 is the beginning of the Walking Dead with the big bucket trucks and dielectric testing. The group of survivors try to stay alive by hunting down food and supplies for days.

If you are not interested in the paranormal, there are plenty of historical landmarks to see. Little Havana in Miami is the start of the Cuban Free Trade Administration Act, which gives everyone in the city the right to sell alcohol freely. The measure has proven popular with tourists, though it has also caused problems (you are required to buy a five hundred dollar permit to be able to march into the city). Key West offers seven different islands to explore. each one has its own star rating.

Florida is comprised of a multitude of sun-filled destinations, with the most brilliant weather where there is guaranteed to be some kind of tourist outdoor activity.

Golf in Daytona, Fl., or Miami Beach is one of the best vacation ideas during the fall season of 2010. The warmest period is from September to October, with the average temperature reaching 75°F (23°C), and so you may want to book a trip during these months. January is generally the wettest month, with scheduled rainfall of between 42 and 58 inches annually.

No matter what time of year you travel or what your itinerary, book with a premier hotel in the area to guarantee the highest quality of service.

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