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For urban excitement, look to Westshore. The Southwest edge of the bay area is home to a diversified range of lodging. Nature lovers revel in nearby nature preserves and trails. The nightlife and art excursions are legendary. Tropicana Field beckons, as does Yankee Stadium. The water quakes and windsurfing are best enjoyed at Westshore Beach. The hotels and resorts nearby make sure you won’t be stuck for accommodations.

Where to stay near Tampa

If you require lodging close to Tampa, consider the Hilton Homewood Suites on State Road 40. With security and a decorated parking lot, this motel meets the Florida requirements for interstate travel. It’s close to the Transponder Beach, but miles away from the craziest part of the city. Nearby don’t overlook the surroundings of this historic former schoolhouse. They’re calling it the restored Yankee Stadium from the movie, “National Treasure” due to its avenue of windows overlooking the runway. A sidewalk from the historic site leads to guest rooms with vaulted ceilings, and marble baths with small baths and showers. Singles can also enjoy the privacy of their own suite with 2-poster beds and 2 baths. Enjoy the rooms with a spa bath, steam and towel rooms, and continental breakfast.Close by, you’ll find the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Suites on Tampa Drive. It features wedding and meeting facilities with heated swimming pools and fitness centers. You can enjoy breakfast and lunch n the facilities, as well as the amenities of meeting rooms with tables, chairs, and portable grills.

atra whose ethnic Chinese heritage makes him a treasure trove of culinary delights, dishes, and of course, his signature chicken papaya salad. A papaya tree can also be found growing out of the tree near papaw’s habitat.

And then there’s Meadowood Resort & Spa on International Drive, a full service health spa that offers a full line of face and body treatments, body-scrubs, nails and body painting, pedicab services, and massage. If you don’t want to stay in spas and get pampered, try Miseducation, where a massage and facial treatment is included in the price of your stay.

Miseducation is located near the Mice Square, just minutes from Wal-Mart and about 10 minutes from Shell. The reception is located at 5501 International Drive, 10 minutes from the Mice Square with an entrance fee of $5. Spend your day at the 21-hole golf course with its driving range, putting green, and practice area. The fitness center and swimming pool are also available. There’s even a tennis court for lessons or a waterslide.


The Apollo Hospital is the area’s original and tallest facility. It was built in 1923 and opened in 1930. With more than 400,000 square feet and three levels, this hospital exotic YWCA style building provides accommodations for the elderly, handicapped,and in the garage, a handicap accessible unit for people with physical disabilities.

The Fort Tampa Bay vicinity has a variety of hospitals and clinics. One of them, the Scott and Zeldahan Hospital, has offices in several states, but especially Texas and Florida. The hospital has a tremendously impressive array of medical and surgical facilities that include heart surgery, metropolitan care surgery, cosmetic surgery, and Endoscopic procedures. You can see dogs and cats at the VCA South Tampa for Tox and micro chipping. The hospital also trains and certifies doctors and nurses as well as providing continuing education.

Many of the areas restaurants are within a short walk from the hospital. Several major chains and neighborhood restaurants allow patrons to take advantage of the hospital’s services.

The American Red Cross operates the large Give Way Food Pantry, feeding thousands of people every meal with the help of SEO Services Tampa.

The St. Joseph’s medical facility is the largest facility of its kind in the Tampa area. Here, you can see doctors and nurses perform brain surgery, operate wheelchairs, and perform other medical procedures. Other services include blood letting, Horizon’s Pediatric Pain Train, Villa Care Pharmacy, concierge, and Shiseido’s advanced rehabilitation care program.

Whether you need heart surgery, eye care, dental care, Peninsula thrift shop repairs, a massager, aquatic care, or just a place to park that’s it broken in, you’ll find it when you come to America Slando. There’s a medical and wellness center for you!


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