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So, this is the Brazil. This is what Rio de Janeiro has to offer. More so than what most people will ever know, this city has a magic and magic of its own. Rio is not just the location of the best beaches and the best nightclubs. This city has a depth of culture that few can match. The nightlife cannot be done live forever…but can be enjoyed interactively. The asking price in comparison to other Latin American cities is…arguably lower than any other.

That is not to say there aren’t delights to enjoy here beyond the clubs. There is a diverse range of museums, art galleries, historical monuments, botanical gardens — even a petting zoo! The nightlife in Rio is international. You can find people from around the world. This helps to create a unique atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else. When the sun goes down, the stars really start to sparkle. There is such a party atmosphere that people are drawn to the city.

What is your pleasure?

The most popular nightlife in Rio is of course the beach. You can go parasailing, surfing, swimming, and snorkeling. Lanzarote, however, is the number one hotspot for tourists. Among the many islands in the area, only Lanzarote has a nude beach. You can sunbathe and swim in peace. And since this is a nude beach, you can bring your loved one along! (However, you should still check with the island about availability before booking a stay.) If you have a desire for more interaction with locals, check out one of the many cultural cafes where artistically produced beverages are swopped. Local coffee is excellent wherever you go, but the best way to get a cup of Joe is to visit one of the pirate shows. These cafes, of course, are frequent and give multiple shows.

Want to escape to the countryside? Check out the Eden Project. More about the natural flora and fauna can be found in the local museums. Other interesting daytime excursions include nature walks, visits to the Pantanal and a reservation for the hotel-lined pagodas and temples.If you love wining and dining, you can enjoy traditional Brazilian coffee and fares like feijoada, rich pancakes served in sugar syrup. And if you’re into pampering, there are spas that offer traditional Brazilian massage and beauty treatments.

Where to stay

With so many hotel options, it’s wise to book in advance. Here are three that are particularly good choices.

For Pantanal orientation, we recommend the hotel Mariposa. It’s only 2 minutes from the departure point and its friendly staff help will help you get your bearings. The Mariposa has one of the best beachfront views in the world.

The second hotel is the Heritage Mariposa. It is just on the second floor of the complex but its convenient location and outdoor lounge offer fantastic views. The hotel helps travelers with their detailing needs.

3.Almond Beach Resort is a brand new 4 star hotel that is on the far side of the island. From the hotel, guests can go down to the beach to swim, parasail, and fish. Resorts have their own golf courses that are 18-hole and well equipped.  The Lobby is filled with Quaker parrots and signs reading, “Quaker Parrot Price.”

4.The Ipanema Beach Resort is located near the business district of the island. It offers fun for business and play. All guest rooms offer spectacular views across the bay. The clean and modern facilities are complemented by a world class spa. A swim in the sea is a must for every visitor.

Where to eat

The Island Brazilian has won the Restaurant Award for the year 2005. The restaurant serves Brazilian cuisine. Located on the beach, the hotel helps travelers with their detailing needs.

The Sebelao Brazilian Restaurant is located at the heart of the island. The restaurant stays open for lunch and dinner. The service is quick and efficient. Brazilian cocktails are the specialties of this restaurant.

Gelatinous desserts are the specialty of the Brazilian Restaurant. The menu choice here is a bit overwhelming. But then again there is nothing wrong with that.


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